road to neher

bullet for my valentineIntro: Bm–G–Asus –D-A/C# Bm–G–Asus –A(hold) Verse 1:
Bm G Asus
Tired and lonely still we stand
D A/C#
On a road to nowhere
Bm G Asus Trapped in a world of endless days
D A/C#
My engine ’s stalling (Road to nowhere) Bm G Asus
Body and mind are breaking down
D A/C#
On a road to nowhere
Bm G Asus
Destiny silent hear no sound D A/C#
As I wait forever Chorus:
G A7
Farewell I ’ll miss you D Bm
I’m sick of these goodbyes G
Cause it tore us apart
right from the start
I miss you Interlude: Bm–G–Asus –A(hold) Verse 2:
Bm G
Feelings have failed me
Left me cold
On this road to nowhere D A/C#
(Road to Nowhere)
Bm G
Dreams are my saviors
Save me now Cause I know I ’m D A/C#
falling (Oh yes) (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Distrotion: Bm– x2 Bm-A-G –G-A- Bridge:
Candles burn slowly
Flames shine so brightly
Light in the darkness
Bm A G G A Save me from madness a-gain
Only the lonely
could possibly know me
Heat keeps on rising
Bm A G A Fire engulfs me a-gain
D A/C#
KEEPS ON RISING Interlude: Bm–G–A–D-A/C# x2 (Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: D(hold)

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